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Alimony in Your Alaska Divorce

Spousal support, commonly known as alimony, may be awarded when there is a large discrepancy in earning capacity between spouses. The amount and duration depend in part on the spouse's need and the ability to become financially independent and in part on the skill of your attorney.

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Spousal Support

Spousal maintenance is never automatic. It is awarded at the discretion of the judge, at varying levels:

  • Interim spousal support — After a filing for divorce, the court may award temporary maintenance and partial attorney fees to a spouse that is financially dependent on the other. This can continue until the divorce is final.

  • Reorientation support — Appropriate only to the extent marital property cannot be divided in a way that meets the parties' needs.

  • Rehabilitation support — A spouse who needs more time to become self-supporting may get support for two to four years to go back to school or build a career, where the other spouse has the ability to pay.

  • Long-term support — This is very rare, granted only when just and necessary. Long-term spousal support can continue until death or remarriage, or other contingency.

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