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Anchorage, Alaska, Overseas Legal Separation Attorney

Our extensive experience in the practice of divorce and other areas of family law benefits the dedicated men and women who serve our country at Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Air Force Base. Handling a military divorce requires knowledge of the law and various military procedures. We have that knowledge at the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates in Anchorage, Alaska.

Factors That Cause a Military Divorce

Various factors can result in military divorce. Time away from your spouse, multiple moves to a new location, or the pressure of a military job itself can cause a marriage to end. When that happens, you need the type of experience and knowledge that we provide at the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates. Similar to a standard divorce, issues related to child custody, alimony and child support must be resolved. However, there are additional complexities that are exclusive to military divorce.

Entitlement to Retirement Accounts in Military Divorce Cases

As members of the military progress in their career over several years, they accrue retirement benefits. Retirement after 20 years of service will provide them with all the money that was set aside over a lengthy career. There are exceptions to that rule based on disability, a growing factor in a time of war.

A military retirement account is an asset. All branches recognize the contribution and sacrifices that spouses make and reward them accordingly. If a spouse is married to an active member of the military for 10 years, they can share the retirement funds, and after 20 years, other benefits related to BX discounts and medical coverage as well.

Contact an Experienced Military Divorce Attorney for Efficient Service

We handle military divorces with efficiency, recognizing the schedule of the spouse who belongs to the military and the other spouse who merely wants to move on with their life outside of the military. We do not overlook the finer details or ignore the fact that your rights are of the utmost importance to us. To get more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding an interstate military divorce or overseas legal separation, please contact us.