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Resolving Disputes of Unmarried Partners

Alaska does not recognize common law marriage or same-sex marriage. While those relationships are not sanctioned by the state, unmarried couples nonetheless have the same issues relating to property division and custody of children.

The Law Office of Dan Allan & Associates in Anchorage has experience in domestic partnership dissolutions. We can help negotiate the terms of an amicable settlement or make sure that our client is treated fairly in contested court proceedings. Our experienced family law lawyers take cases throughout Alaska. Arrange a consultation at 907-344-8851.

Domestic Partnerships

Alaska has one of the highest rates of unmarried couples living together. But whether you have been together one year or 20 years, Alaska does not confer common law marriage status. Many people find out the hard way that the protections of a state-licensed marriage do not apply when their domestic partnership ends. There is no entitlement to an equitable share of wealth accumulated together, especially if the property is owned in the other person's name.

Dan Allan has practiced law in Alaska since 1981. He understands the dynamics of our diverse and transient population and recognizes that those who choose domestic partnerships for whatever reason nonetheless deserve to get out what they contributed to the relationship. He has helped resolve, through negotiation or litigation:

  • Equity in a shared house

  • Division of other jointly acquired property

  • Division of retirement contributions

  • Splitting jointly acquired debts

  • Child custody and visitation rights

  • Child support obligations

Free Initial Consultation

Contact our Anchorage office to learn your rights and discuss your legal options to protect what you brought to the relationship or secure your fair share if everything was in the other party's name.