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Criminal Charges in Auto Accidents

You are in serious legal trouble if you are accused of causing injury by driving recklessly. You may be charged with a felony (vehicular assault) if a pedestrian or occupant in the other car was seriously injured. You almost certainly will be charged with a felony if alcohol was involved.

The Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates provides a vigorous defense for any criminal charges stemming from motor vehicle injury accidents. Our Anchorage criminal defense lawyers have represented clients statewide, often on a combination of charges:

  • Reckless driving

  • Vehicular assault (serious bodily injury)

  • Vehicular manslaughter (fatal accident)

  • DUI/OUI (drunk driving)

Minimizing the Impact or Defending You at Trial

The concept of a vehicle as a weapon is well established, regardless of your intent. You can face felony vehicular assault charges whether the victim was on foot, in another car or a passenger in your vehicle (even if the person is related to you). Attorney Dan Allan has practiced in Alaska since 1981. He is adept at examining the facts of your case for grounds to counter the allegations of recklessness. We often hire accident reconstructionists to show that the victim was equally or more at fault for the accident (running a stoplight or intoxicated, for example).

Our priority is to avoid a felony conviction, which carries mandatory minimum prison time and drastic consequences for your driver's license, your civil rights, and future employment. Every case is unique and depends on the facts of your case or the possibility of pleading to a lesser charge. A trial is extremely expensive, but it may be necessary to avoid prison.

Contact Dan Allan & Associates immediately if you are facing vehicular assault or related criminal allegations. We offer a free initial consultation.