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Anchorage, Alaska, Petty Theft to Embezzlement Attorney

From charges of shoplifting to embezzlement, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates in Anchorage, Alaska, defend clients accused of those crimes. Our experience includes defending clients facing misdemeanor and felony theft charges.

Vast Law Enforcement Resources Devoted to Shoplifting Arrests

When it comes to the practice of theft defense, shoplifting is an area where we represent clients. Oftentimes, the theft is a misunderstanding or there was not much value to the item taken. Yet an inordinate amount of resources is devoted to the prosecution of these cases.

Aspiring police officers often secure jobs as security guards at major retail chains to gain experience. They essentially do the legwork in shoplifting apprehensions. They call the police and that person is arrested for and charged with shoplifting. Oftentimes, the overzealous security guard is mistaken or ambitious to share his police abilities. That is when a good defense attorney can show that the guard is in error, or jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Defending Clients Charged With Theft

At the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates, we represent clients charged with all types of theft-related crimes. Shoplifting may seem minor, but taking over $500 worth of merchandise can result in a felony charge. Many of our clients have been arrested because of a simple oversight. An item may have been inadvertently left in or underneath their shopping cart.

Our objective is to get to the facts of the case. We determine what the security guard actually witnessed. We will identify if your rights were violated in any way and bring that matter before the court to have the case dismissed. The stakes are high, and theft is considered a "crime of dishonesty." If convicted of that crime, you face long-term ramifications when completing job applications that ask about those types of crime or being discredited after giving testimony in court.

Contact an Experienced Theft Defense Attorney

To get more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a charge of theft, shoplifting or embezzlement, please contact us.