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Violated Your Alaska Probation?

If you were given probation instead of jail, you face the possibility of serving the original sentence if you have not lived up to your end of the bargain. The Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates can represent you in your probation violation hearing to ask the court for another chance.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have helped many Alaskans to continue probation and avoid serving jail time for violations of probation or parole. We represent adults and juveniles in the Anchorage area and throughout Alaska. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Probation Violations

Either you received a summons, were picked up on a warrant or were arrested at your probation officer's location. The first order of business is to determine exactly what the violation is. Your probation can be taken away for any number of reasons:

  • New criminal charges

  • Failed urine test (alcohol or drug use)

  • Failure to complete alcohol counseling, anger management, sex offender treatment or other mandated programs

  • Failure to pay fines and court costs

  • Failure to check in with your probation officer

  • Failure to complete community service

Proactive and Experienced Response

Dan Allan & Associates will represent you in your immediate appearance before a magistrate, and again at a probation violation hearing on whether to revoke or continue your probation. We help clients put that time to best use — completing requirements, paying fines, providing clean urine samples and communicating with your probation officer. Demonstrating to the court that you take your probation seriously is the best way to win over the judge who has the power to send you to jail, increase your fines or add stricter conditions to your probation.

If you are accused of a new crime, there is a lower burden of proof to kick you off probation than to convict you of the offense. In other words, the judge needs only to find that you probably committed the new offense to impose jail time on the previous charge.

Our lawyers have practiced in Alaska criminal courts for over 25 years. They work to convince the judge that the violation was a lapse in communication, an innocent mistake or an isolated moment of bad judgment, rather than a pattern of thumbing your nose at the court.

Free Initial Consultation

Call our Anchorage office at 907-344-8851. We will help to get you out on bail, accompany you to all proceedings and explain what you need to do to have the best chance of continuing probation.