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Experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyers

Serving Clients in Anchorage and Across Alaska

The juvenile justice system is geared toward rehabilitation over punishment, but even for youthful offenders, criminal charges are never a walk in the park. Your son or daughter has rights, and they must be strongly asserted to ensure that they are treated fairly and given an opportunity to walk a straighter path.

The Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates represents children under 18 charged with juvenile crimes in the Anchorage area and all jurisdictions of Alaska. We have defended youths on minor misdemeanors as well as serious violent felonies. Contact us today to make sure your child is well-represented in juvenile court proceedings.

Juvenile Crimes

Our criminal defense attorneys have handled the full range of juvenile cases:

  • Shoplifting and other thefts

  • Breaking and entering/burglary

  • Arson and vandalism

  • Drug crimes

  • Underage drinking and underage DUI

  • Assaults and fights

  • Sexual offenses

If your child is facing serious felony charges, there is the possibility of sentencing to a juvenile correctional facility or being transferred for prosecution as an adult. Our goal is to keep the child in the juvenile system and avoid placement in juvenile detention if at all possible. Ideally, we aim to have the accused released to the custody of the parents. We have been successful in getting charges dismissed or qualifying clients for probation or diversion programs that keep the offense off their criminal record if they stay out of further trouble.

It sometimes takes an experienced trial lawyer like Dan Allan to stand up for a juvenile's rights. He represented one of two youths arrested for substantial property damage at a school construction site after they sought medical treatment at a local hospital. Mr. Allan got his client's confession suppressed by arguing that they were detained and questioned without Miranda rights. In the same case, he proved that police covered up a report that showed blood and fingerprints at the crime scene did not match his client's, resulting in suppression of all scientific evidence. See Representative Case Results for more client success stories.

Free Consultation • All Juvenile Crimes

No matter what your son or daughter is accused of, Dan Allan & Associates works hard to spare them from harsh consequences that will negatively affect their future. Call us today at 907-344-8851 for a free initial consultation.