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Alaska Financial Crime Defense Attorneys

If you are facing charges of fraud or stealing from your employer, everything is at stake — prison time and a felony record, loss of employment or professional licenses, and your reputation.

The Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates in Anchorage offers the sophisticated legal counsel required for "white collar" crime allegations. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers have represented people across Alaska accused of insider thefts and financial crimes. Contact us immediately if you have been arrested, indicted or suspect you are under investigation.

Fraud and White Collar Crime Defense

Dan Allan has practiced in Alaska since 1981. His legal team has handled the full spectrum of white-collar criminal charges:

  • Corporate embezzlement and employee theft

  • Misappropriation of funds

  • Insurance fraud

  • Bank or mortgage fraud

  • Consumer scams

  • Identity theft and credit card fraud

  • Stolen checks and check fraud

  • False benefit claims

We have represented business managers, executives, and professionals whose careers are on the line over allegations of converting company funds for personal gain. Our goal is to avoid a conviction and, where possible, to intervene before formal charges are filed. Fraud charges commonly stem from a long investigation, but many times criminal intent is assigned to innocent acts.

Depending on the nature of the fraud charges and the strength of the evidence, Dan Allan & Associates will advise on your best course of action. We strive to avoid jail or prison and the collateral consequences through reduced charges, probation or restitution, but our trial lawyers are also prepared to take your case to a jury to fight for your freedom.

Do Not Try to "Fix This" on Your Own

Cooperating with fraud investigators only solidifies the prosecution's case and does not guarantee a better outcome. Exercise your right to remain silent if questioned and call us at 907-344-8851 for a free initial consultation. We practice in Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer, and surrounding communities, and statewide in Alaska.