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Anchorage, Alaska, Fish and Game Laws Attorney

Financial resources allow law enforcement to go after hunters and anglers, oftentimes infringing on their rights. At the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates, in Anchorage, Alaska, we recognize the need of those sportsmen who are looking to put food on the table during a long winter. Protection of their rights is of the utmost importance.

Undercover Officers Looking for Fish and Game Law Violations

Undercover sting operations have become an effective law enforcement tool in the state of Alaska. It starts with the recruitment of a police officer in the lower 48 states, who poses as a member of a hunting or fishing party. At the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates, we review all the evidence gathered in these operations and ensure that our clients were not entrapped or that their rights were not violated through unconscionable government conduct.

Targeting Hunters for Fish and Game Law Offenses

Sheep hunters arriving home from a successful hunt can be greeted by a police officer waiting for their arrival. What was intended to be a trip to provide food for winter can turn into a criminal investigation. Some officers require certain poundage based on the number of sheep you killed. If you do not meet that standard, you could be accused of wanton waste, a zero-tolerance crime, even if you ate the meat at the camp or if some of it was bloodshot or spoiled in the field.

Entrapment in Charges of Fish and Game Law Violations

Hunting and fishing are popular pastimes in Alaska governed by voluminous regulations. However, when every move is being watched by an overzealous police officer lying in wait, you need protection from a lawyer experienced in this unique practice of the law. If entrapment is uncovered, we will assert that in preparing your defense and litigating your matter in court.

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