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Alaska Criminal Attorneys

Burglary and robbery charges are often misunderstood. You be may be shocked to learn that you are accused of a felony crime and facing the possibility of prison time. Avoiding a conviction or minimizing the penalties depends upon a skilled attorney who understands how these crimes are prosecuted and how to improve your situation.

The Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates provides veteran criminal defense in the greater Anchorage area and throughout Alaska, including burglary and robbery charges. Contact us immediately to assert your rights and explore your possible defenses in a free initial consultation.

  • Burglary is the act of entering a building with intent to commit a crime, even if nothing was stolen or damaged. Criminal trespass may also be charged in some cases. Burglary is a felony, while in some cases criminal trespass is a misdemeanor. In either event, the charges are serious.

  • Robbery is the act of taking property from another by force or threat. Armed robbery — or merely carrying, or representing one has a weapon of any kind — escalates it to a high-level felony with a mandatory prison sentence.

Limiting the Impact

Many times, burglary and robbery are crimes of opportunity and involve drug or alcohol use and poor judgment, rather than well-hatched plans by career criminals. These reasons do not mitigate the charges or penalties. However, if there is no pattern of such behavior, prosecutors may be more willing to dismiss the case or entertain favorable plea agreements that avoid a stiff prison term for one very bad decision.

Criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Dan Allan study every fact of the case for grounds to suppress evidence or argue for reduced charges. They've obtained dismissals by convincing the judge that search warrants were illegal. In other cases, they've been successful at countering "eyewitness" statements or challenging the probable cause for arrest to gain leverage for negotiations. See Representative Case Results.

If a guilty plea would still result in a serious prison term, we are prepared to fight for your freedom at trial. Contact our office at 907-344-8851. We will treat your case as our most important case, just as it is for you. We represent clients throughout Alaska, including Palmer, Valdez, Wasilla, Nome, and Juneau.