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When you've been arrested and charged with a crime, the whole ordeal can be quite scary. A process is set into motion that you have little control over and you may feel completely helpless. At the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates, we understand that your freedom and livelihood are at stake. Regardless of how it may feel, you still have rights and it's our obligation to make sure they aren't violated. We represent people of all ages and from all walks of life throughout the entire state of Alaska who is facing criminal charges, including Army and Air Force personnel of Fort Richardson and Elmendorf AFB. With cases as sensitive as these, time is of the essence. Don't wait a single second to contact us as soon as you can. The faster you get in touch with us, the faster we can assess your situation, assert your rights, and aggressively respond to the allegations in a manner that will put you in the best legal position.

Protecting and Educating Alaska is Our Mission

Attorney Dan Allan has practiced criminal law in Alaska since 1981 and his experienced legal team includes both a former prosecutor as well as a former public defender. Our case results prove that this legal team knows what it's doing and we have what it takes to help you work towards a favorable outcome.



Types of Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Our criminal defense team is capable of taking on a full range of misdemeanor and felony crimes, including:

DUI/OUI Defense

We tackle both aspects of a drunk driving arrest: the criminal charges and administrative license suspension. Our firm has a strong record of minimizing the consequences in a state that comes down hard on driving under the influence.

Vehicular Assault

You can be charged with a felony for causing a car accident in Alaska that results in serious injury, particularly if alcohol was involved. We make every effort to spare clients from prison.

Traffic Misdemeanors

Driving on a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident and other major traffic violations are crimes that carry jail time and lengthy license revocation upon conviction.

Theft Offenses

From shoplifting to auto theft, the penalties are too harsh to simply plead guilty. We can often get charges reduced or dismissed or we will make the prosecution prove its case.

Fraud/White Collar Crime

We provide a sophisticated defense for charges of fraud or embezzlement and other financial crimes, such as identity theft.

Domestic Violence

An arrest for domestic assault can permanently separate you from your family and puts you at a disadvantage in divorce or custody proceedings. We intervene promptly to protect your rights.

Assault Charges

If you are charged with assault after a bar fight or other confrontation, you now face serious charges and perhaps a felony.

Burglary or Robbery

These charges should never be downplayed. Entering a building or taking property by force are major crimes, especially if you used or carried a weapon.

Juvenile Crimes

We protect your son's or daughter's rights and work to get a second chance for youthful offenders who didn't consider the future impact of their actions.

Fish and Game Violations

Alaskan anglers and hunters are often targeted in undercover operations. We have successfully employed entrapment defenses and other strategies to avoid harsh penalties under state and federal laws.

Probation Violations

We are proactive in responding to new criminal charges or non-compliance with terms of probation that could force you to serve the original stayed jail sentence.


We all mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. Despite what you may think, you don't have to let criminal charges ruin your life. At the Law Offices of Dan Allan and Associates, we fight tirelessly to beat the allegations you currently face and to soften the penalties you might see. Consultations are free, so get in touch with us today.