Criminal Defense

DUI Case

The driver of a pick-up towing a snow machine trailer was stopped for being a "suspicious vehicle" in a high-crime area. He had a breath alcohol level 2 '/2 times the legal limit and was charged with DUI. He had prior DUIs and a commercial driver's license.

We contested the stop and won the evidentiary hearing. His case was dismissed.

Weapons & Harassment Case

A driver was stopped for driving over a curb as he was exiting a bar parking lot. He was arrested for DUI and provided a breath sample of .080 (exactly the legal limit). Because he had two guns in his vehicle, he was charged with misconduct involving weapons and because he was vaguely threatening to the arresting officer, he was also charged with harassment. We moved to suppress the results of the breath test because the officer did not allow the driver sufficient time to contact an attorney.

His case was dismissed.

Speeding & DUI Case

A driver was stopped for speeding, failed field sobriety tests, and charged with DUI after providing a breath sample of 1 1/2 times the legal limit. We successfully suppressed the result of his breath test because the arresting officer failed to give the driver enough time to decide whether he wanted to get a blood test.

His case was dismissed.

Erratic Driving Case

A driver was stopped for speeding and erratic driving. He was ultimately arrested for DUI and charged with a felony because he had several prior out-of-state DUI convictions. Because he also had other felony convictions, he was facing three to five years in prison. We contested several of his prior convictions as inconsistent with Alaska law.

He was ultimately sentenced on a second DUI, serving just 20 days on ankle monitoring (house arrest).

OUI and Assault Charges

This firm has been successful in securing acquittals after jury trials of over more than 20 OUI and assault charges, and securing dismissals or reduced charges prior to trial in over 50 more cases.

Family Law

Verbal Fight Case

A woman got into a verbal altercation with her husband after an evening out. When he tried to restrain her from leaving the situation, she hit him several times with a high heeled shoe resulting in scratches to his hand. Because he had an injury, she was arrested for domestic violence assault. She was on probation for a recent DUI and was facing considerable jail time.

After presenting her case to the prosecutor in a favorable light, her case was dismissed.

Divorce Case

In a divorce case, the opposing party (a male) sought one half of our client’s lucrative monthly retirement income ($7500), plus one-half of our client's defined contribution plan assets, and another pre-tax account, as well as a valuable gun collection (more than 20 firearms). At trial, our client was awarded all of her monthly retirement income ($7500) as well as all her defined contribution and pre-tax accounts (valued at over $500,000). But that’s not all, our client was awarded the entire gun collection and the opposing party was ordered to pay our client $344,000 from his retirement account.

Our client was awarded more than $851,500.

Dissolution of Domestic Partnership Case

In a dissolution of domestic partnership case wherein the opposing partner (a female) claimed that there was over $2,000,000 worth of assets accumulated during the partnership, we proved at trial that over $1,000,000 in assets were the client’s separate property, thus, saving the client over $500,000.

Saved our client $500,000.


On appeal, we persuaded the Supreme Court of Alaska to reverse a trial court decision granting the maternal grandparents guardianship of our client’s teenage son.

Our client got to keep guardianship of their child.

Custody Cases

In local and multi-state custody cases our firm has been successful in reuniting children with the appropriate parent or custodial party at least 10 times in contested custody proceedings.

Dissolution of Domestic Partnership Case

In a dissolution of domestic partnership case, we successfully obtained $100,000 for our client who was in a short relationship, within a few weeks of starting the case.

Our client received $100,000.

Shared Custody Case

In a case where the parties have been granted shared custody, we were successful in modifying custody in our client's favor, while limiting the other parent to two weeks visitation per year under limited parameters (where parties lived in different countries). Our client lived in Asia with the child thereafter.

Child custody arrangement was modified in our client's favor.

Custody Cases

In another custody case where the court had originally awarded shared custody, we modified custody in our client’s favor, when our client moved to a different city in Alaska.

Child custody arrangement was modified in our client's favor.

Real Estate Law

Commercial Tenant - Past Due Rent

Defense of a commercial tenant in a past due rent case resulted at trial in a savings to the client of $1,000,000 in alleged past due rent. We proved at trial that the subject commercial premises were uninhabitable, and therefore the landlord had breached the contract to provide habitable premises.

Our client saved $1,000,000.