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Coping with division of marital assets in high-conflict divorce

Many couples nationwide, including in Alaska, choose to divorce amicably through mediation or the collaborative divorce process. However, these methods are not always viable options, especially in high-conflict divorces. Unfortunately, a high-conflict divorce can be incredibly challenging and often brings out the worst in people. The battles over the division of marital assets, child custody and other contentious matters can create a negative attitude that may be detrimental to the ultimate outcome.

Division of marital assets: For Ben and Jennifer, kids come first

Divorcing in a manner that will allow spouses and their children to maintain relationships post-divorce is becoming more and more common nationwide, including in Alaska. Some couples are realizing that not all divorces need to include unpleasant and costly litigation. There are even some celebrities who have chosen to end their marriages amicably, despite the fact that they typically have complicated issues related to the division of marital assets. The latest celebrity couple who is planning to split with the least amount of trauma is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Divorce mediation can cover all issues except child support

Couples in Alaska who are considering a divorce may be aware of the option to settle issues through divorce mediation rather than litigation in court. It is an ideal way for couples to resolve issues in a setting far more relaxed than a courtroom. Although child support must be decided by the family court, any other matters related to child custody, parenting plans and visitation, division of marital property, and more, can be addressed through mediation.

Navigating a military divorce or legal separation can be tricky

The marriages of couples in the military nationwide typically present more challenges than those of civilian marriages, and it is no different in Alaska. Unfortunately, many couples are unable to overcome some of the stumbling blocks and find the best solution to be a divorce or legal separation. Factors that commonly present challenges include regular relocations, one spouse being away for extended periods and the inherent pressures presented by the nature of military work.

Divorce: Division of marital assets not the only matter to tackle

Starting over and severing old ties in a divorce is typically an emotional experience for couples nationwide. It is no different in Alaska, and realizing that marriage revolves around love, and divorce is all about money and future financial stability, will present many with potential stumbling blocks. In addition to the division of marital assets, there are some fundamental matters to consider before filing for divorce rather than dealing with the consequences afterward.

Can division of marital assets be done without emotion?

Divorces in Alaska -- as elsewhere -- are typically challenging for both spouses and their children. The standard advice offered to couples in divorces is to leave emotions outside the door when divorce settlements are discussed. Unfortunately, although it is often valuable advice, it is easier said than done. It is not uncommon for one of the spouses to agree to just about anything during discussions about the division of marital assets and child custody because they just want to get it over. This attitude often brings about regret later, when newly-divorced persons realize how different life could have been had they been less emotional.

Child support may be just one of the issues in second marriages

When considering marriage after divorce, each partner will likely be influenced by his or her experiences during previous marriages and divorces. If previous divorces were contentious and expensive, with child support, custody and other issues, individuals would probably consider another marriage carefully before taking the step. Consulting with an experienced Alaska divorce attorney may eliminate some of the pitfalls associated with second or third marriages.

Divorce is much more than property division and spousal support

Going through divorces are typically painful processes, and when divorce settlements are finally reached, most Alaska couples will be relieved. However, even after the trauma of negotiating property division, spousal support, child custody and visitation, there is more to be done. Often, there are issues that arise post divorce that must be addressed.

Getting spousal support from retirement benefits

Spousal support has been a topic of discussion throughout the years. When there is a divorce after a marriage that lasted for several years, either individual may ask for spousal support. Most of the time, the spouse who was earning the lower income is the recipient. However, some spouses who are awarded alimony may have a hard time getting their payments. Fortunately, Alaska residents may be able to collect spousal support from retirement benefits.

Unique method of handling spousal support

Divorce can be stressful for most spouses, especially when asset division, child custody and spousal support come into play. A primary reason why Alaska spouses fight over spousal support and other material issues comes down to money. Of course, these issues are challenging, but there are ways spouses can deal with their issues like air-traffic controllers.

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