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Frozen embryos: child custody issue or property?

The circumstances of each couple are unique, and not all couples are able to parent a biological child. Couples nationwide, including in Alaska, have different options, including adoption, surrogacy, in vitro fertilization and more. However, there are no clear legal parameters related to IVF, in which embryos are frozen for future use. This has been a matter of contention in several child custody disputes.

Child custody: Are fathers only visitors in their kids' lives?

The recently celebrated Father's Day brought some attention to a shared parenting movement that endeavors to get courts to see equal parenting as normal and not an exception. The movement maintains that equal parenting will not only benefit fathers but also mothers, who will have more time to concentrate on their careers and themselves. A census report apparently revealed that more than 80 percent of parents with child custody are mothers.

Are shared child custody arrangements the best?

Divorce and child custody cases can be emotional events for parents and their children. Divorce can often cause parents to be bitter toward each other, which leads many Alaska parents to battle with each other in regard to child custody arrangements. Many parents are under the assumption that they are the better parent with whom the children should live. Recent research indicates that children thrive more when they are able to spend time with both parents.

Parents in child custody case with social services

Child custody cases can be emotional for parents when they are battling with each other. Not every battle is between the parents. Whether in Alaska or elsewhere, it can also be with child protective services. A couple in another state is in a child custody battle with social services after allegations of neglect.

Possible changes in child custody for military parents

One of the primary disputes many divorced parents are faced with is child custody. Alaska parents who serve in the military may fear losing child custody or being found in contempt of court if they are on active duty. A state representative in another state has stepped up in an attempt to stop members of the military from losing out on child custody because of their service.

Couple fights against CPS for child custody

Child custody can be a struggle when parents are feuding with each other. Most Alaska residents know that the courts will put the best interest of the children first. In this case, parents are not fighting with each other for child custody -- rather, they are fighting with Child Protective Services.

Man loses child custody for not filing documents

It's important for parents to make every effort to completely understand the child custody laws within the state where they live. Alaska parents may be interested in reading about a case in which an unwed father's appeal for child custody was denied. Reportedly, the father did not maintain his legal rights before an adoption process.

Child custody reform in Alaska

Child custody is one of the most sensitive discussions in a divorce. Oftentimes, in Alaska and many other states, one parent is granted custody while the other is granted visitation rights. A legislative bill was considered in one area that would promote shared parenting when dealing with child custody.

Fantasia's ex is requesting child custody

Fantasia Barrino is in an intense custody battle with her ex who is also the father of her child. Many Alaska fans may remember Fantasia as being the winner of American Idol from one of its previous seasons. Her ex is reportedly asking for child custody of their 13-year-old daughter.

Do prisoners have child custody rights?

Divorce usually comes with a multitude of issues, and one of the most popular issues divorcing spouses argue about is child custody. Understandably, many Alaska residents want equal time with their children. However, this child custody case is rare and involves a convicted killer requesting the court to force visitation rights to his daughters.

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