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How to minimize co-parenting issues during divorce

As you work towards finalizing your divorce in Anchorage, you may find yourself embroiled in a bitter custody/co-parenting battle with your ex-spouse. Although there is an agreement about primary custody, there are still issues with the parenting time schedule. 

Arguing with your former partner is not going to lead to a speedy resolution. If anything, it may cause the courts to intervene and make decisions based solely on what the judge determines are the best interests of your kids. If you want to have a say in how things work out, consider the following tips about co-parenting collaboration. 

Develop good habits 

Your relationship is over, but you and your spouse must work together so your kids do not suffer. Your children deserve to have both of their parents working together in harmony to raise and support them. Start working on improving the quality of your interactions with your kids’ other parent. If you have trouble controlling your emotions, remember to keep things professional. 

Listen to each other 

Communication is necessary in order for you to enable the kids to transition seamlessly between both of your homes. When your spouse talks, hold anything you want to say until after he or she finishes speaking. Work on not interrupting. If you both talk at the same time, neither one of you can hear and understand what the other is actually saying. 

Put your kids' needs first 

You may think the primary purpose of a parenting time agreement is so you can make arrangements based on your availability. But the parenting time agreement is so that both parents can see and spend a fair amount of time with their kids. Just because one parent is no longer living in the home with them does not mean they not able to see and have access to that guardian. To create a parenting time agreement that works best for you, your ex-partner and kids, place your children’s interest above your own and work around your schedules. 

If you and your partner are experiencing problems with your parenting time/visitation schedule, be sure to seek out expert advice. You should also consider speaking to an attorney for guidance.

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