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3 common problems with a DIY divorce

If you are heading toward a divorce, you are probably stressing out about various factors, including legal fees, courtroom battles and emotional turmoil. Because of these fears, you might be looking into divorcing without an attorney. However, this process, known as DIY divorce, can cause a lot more problems if you are not careful. 

You should be wary of pursuing an uncontested divorce without any legal assistance. Here is why. 

1. Dividing property

Getting divorced requires you to divide certain property and assets. This can be especially confusing with Alaska property division laws. In Alaska, assets are divided under equitable distribution, but you can also choose to designate your property as community property.

You may not know what items you should consider separate, marital or community property. If you make an error, you could deal with long-term and expensive consequences. In some cases, you might be lucky enough to be able to rectify the mistake in court. Otherwise, you could be stuck with your mistake permanently. 

2. Child support

If children are part of the picture, child support must be a concern. Child support payments encompass food, housing, clothing and medical costs. If you try to arrange child support through a DIY settlement, it often ends up unfair for one of the parents. Either the non-custodial parent is stuck paying more than necessary or the custodial parent does not get enough. 

3. Parenting plan

A crucial part of getting divorced with kids is figuring out custody and visitation. These arrangements must be specific and clear. Without proper legal help, you might simply provide general information in your parenting plan. This can cause disputes over who sees the kids and when. 

All of these problems can end up costing you more than if you simply hired an attorney in the first place. Learn more about DIY divorce problems and mistakes by speaking with a legal professional.

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