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Stress factors that contribute to military divorces

Divorce rates among military families have often been the fodder of speculation. Though they fluctuate, according to, they have been on the decline in recent years. Every family is unique, and enlistment is certainly no guarantor of impending divorce, but there are unique stress factors facing military couples that you should take into account.

The following are just a few reasons why families with an enlisted spouse may be at a greater risk of separation. In understanding risk factors such as these, however, you can do your best to prepare and prevent them from affecting your family negatively.

Time away due to deployment

One of the greatest threats to any marriage is the extended period of time one spouse spends away from the other. This is, of course, a regular part of military life as active duty members often face deployment. It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in reality, this extended separation can often precede a legal separation, too. The longer the deployment is, the higher the likelihood of divorce tends to be. 

General stress from war and combat

It is no secret that soldiers who return from combat and other active duty roles in war often come back with psychological scars in addition to physical ones. PTSD is a common consequence of these experiences, but even in lesser cases, the impact is often too much for a marriage to handle. Attending counseling individually or as a couple may help mitigate the effects of such trauma.

Frequent relocation and instability

Another common stress factor facing military families is the frequency of relocation. Many families move from one base to another and even from one country to another depending on the needs of their unit. This lack of stability can put tremendous pressure on any partnership, and many couples divorce because of the stress that it incurs.

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