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Division of marital assets: For Ben and Jennifer, kids come first

Divorcing in a manner that will allow spouses and their children to maintain relationships post-divorce is becoming more and more common nationwide, including in Alaska. Some couples are realizing that not all divorces need to include unpleasant and costly litigation. There are even some celebrities who have chosen to end their marriages amicably, despite the fact that they typically have complicated issues related to the division of marital assets. The latest celebrity couple who is planning to split with the least amount of trauma is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Regardless of their respective riches, Ben and Jennifer have made the best interests of their children their primary concern. It is reported that they have been working on achieving this for more than a year. The couple said that they are continuing the marriage counseling that stopped shortly before their plans to get divorced were announced.

Ben and Jennifer said they were not only doing it for their three children but also for themselves because they want to remain friends. Although they choose to continue attending weekly marriage counseling classes, the couple may also benefit from professional mediators, who can guide couples to through peaceful negotiations. Regardless of how determined couples are to remain amicable, emotions will always come into play. For this reason, the support of mediators is invaluable for facilitating calm communication and, in many cases, compromise.

While Ben and Jennifer's determination to maintain a loving family relationship is receiving a lot of media attention, asset division will naturally also form a significant part of their negotiations. Each spouse is entitled to have his or her legal representative present during mediation to provide valuable advice and ensure the legality of the ultimate divorce agreement. Although mediated divorces are becoming more popular, it may not be suitable for all divorcing couples. In some cases, only litigation can resolve complicated issues such as the division of marital assets, and an experienced Alaska divorce attorney can provide the necessary guidance and support throughout all proceedings.

Source: ibtimes.com, "Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner Visit Marriage Counseling Center To Make Divorce 'As Easy As Possible'", Minyvonne Burke, Sept. 4, 2015

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