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Navigating a military divorce or legal separation can be tricky

The marriages of couples in the military nationwide typically present more challenges than those of civilian marriages, and it is no different in Alaska. Unfortunately, many couples are unable to overcome some of the stumbling blocks and find the best solution to be a divorce or legal separation. Factors that commonly present challenges include regular relocations, one spouse being away for extended periods and the inherent pressures presented by the nature of military work.

All divorces are governed by state laws, but dissolving a military marriage presents additional intricacies that are unique to military divorces. If you are considering a military divorce, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect, but professional help is available. At the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates, you will receive the guidance and support you need to navigate the process to your benefit and to the benefit of your children, if appropriate.

The complicated issues that we will address include your entitlement to accrued retirement benefits that will be essential for your future retirement. Exceptions related to disability will be addressed. If you are the spouse of an active military member, your entitlement to retirement funds will depend on the length of your marriage. After a marriage of 10 years, you will be afforded a share of the funds, but if the marriage lasted 20 years or more, you would retain other military benefits and medical coverage.

Due to constraining schedules of active military members in Alaska, navigating a divorce or legal separation can be tricky. Our legal team at the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates is experienced in scheduling meetings and hearings to accommodate the availability of both spouses. In addition to handling all your financial and personal interests, we will provide professional assistance with drafting workable parenting plans and other child-related issues to protect your children's best interests.

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