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Divorce mediation can cover all issues except child support

Couples in Alaska who are considering a divorce may be aware of the option to settle issues through divorce mediation rather than litigation in court. It is an ideal way for couples to resolve issues in a setting far more relaxed than a courtroom. Although child support must be decided by the family court, any other matters related to child custody, parenting plans and visitation, division of marital property, and more, can be addressed through mediation.

Professional divorce mediators typically have their unique ways of conducting the process. Nevertheless, the basics remain their ability to encourage couples to communicate and compromise to ultimately reach agreements that will suit both spouses and protect the interests of the children. The only requirement is the willingness of both parties to sit down and work through the process in an amicable way. Each spouse is entitled to have his or her attorney present during mediation sessions -- not only for their valuable advice but also to ensure the legal requirements are met.

The process typically includes an initial session in which the mediator gets familiar with the dynamics of the family and the concerns of each party. Further sessions will involve the presentation of financial documents and discussions about the future economic welfare of each party along with negotiations related to the division of marital property. Couples who have children will spend some time discussing child custody as well as workable visitation and parenting plans.

Once an Alaska couple has covered all issues, an agreement will be drafted to be presented to the court. Couples may find comfort in knowing that, unlike a litigated divorce in a public courtroom, mediation is completely confidential. With the assistance of experienced divorce attorneys, a final divorce decree may be based on the agreement drafted after both spouses had a part in making decisions that will have an impact on their futures. This may leave only the child support issue to be considered by the family court.

Source: divorce.lovetoknow.com, "Divorce Mediation Process", Stacey Taylor, Accessed on Aug. 14, 2015

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