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Child custody: Are fathers only visitors in their kids' lives?

The recently celebrated Father's Day brought some attention to a shared parenting movement that endeavors to get courts to see equal parenting as normal and not an exception. The movement maintains that equal parenting will not only benefit fathers but also mothers, who will have more time to concentrate on their careers and themselves. A census report apparently revealed that more than 80 percent of parents with child custody are mothers.

It is not uncommon for fathers to experience a feeling of being regarded as visitors in their children's lives. A national study rating the child custody laws of all the states reportedly showed a poor rating for the majority of states; however, Alaska was one of the states with higher ratings. Fortunately, authorities are becoming more aware of the advantages of shared parenting, and at least twenty states are now supporting this cause.

The movement aims to ensure that the best interests of children remain the primary consideration when dealing with children from broken families. The Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health recently published results from one of many research projects related to the development of children. The subjects of the study were 150,000 children, and it was found that shared parenting serves children's health best. Results from another study determined that children suffer less stress when they spend a liberal amount of time with each parent, compared to those who live with only one parent.

Alaska fathers who believe that it is vital for their children's mental and physical health to part of a shared parenting arrangement after divorce or separation may want to be fully informed of their legal rights. They may find comfort in learning that this is not a battle they have to fight on their own. The services of experienced child custody attorneys are available for all fathers to ensure they remain significant parts of their children's lives.

Source: parentherald.com, "Father's Day 2015: Shared Parenting Gaining Support, Equal-Time Child Custody the New Post-Divorce Arrangement", June 19, 2015

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