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Divorce is much more than property division and spousal support

Going through divorces are typically painful processes, and when divorce settlements are finally reached, most Alaska couples will be relieved. However, even after the trauma of negotiating property division, spousal support, child custody and visitation, there is more to be done. Often, there are issues that arise post divorce that must be addressed.

The activities that will have to be carried out will include those specified in the settlement agreement -- often with deadlines -- along with other personal aspects that may need attention. If a divorced woman wants to revert to her maiden name, a host of individuals and companies will have to be informed. Paperwork for such a name change is time-consuming, particularly since advice of the change will have to be sent to banks, credit card companies, employers, schools and doctors. The Social Security Administration, insurance companies and investment advisors will also have to be alerted.

Other matters include a reevaluation of a will, estate plans, retirement accounts and life insurance. A new power of attorney and medical directives may have to be drawn up, and custodians may have to be chosen for minor children in appropriate circumstances. All matters related to income tax and fund transfers for 401(k)s, retirement accounts or other pension plans will need consideration.

While addressing all these issues, good record keeping is vital and typically include documents related to property division, spousal support, and child support. After the trauma of a divorce, these tasks may seem overwhelming. However, an experienced Alaska divorce attorney will have the resources and support system to provide guidance every step of the way. Proper attention to all matters will allow newly divorced individuals to move on and build a new life.

Source: nasdaq.com, "To-Dos After Your Divorce", May 8, 2015

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