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Parents in child custody case with social services

Child custody cases can be emotional for parents when they are battling with each other. Not every battle is between the parents. Whether in Alaska or elsewhere, it can also be with child protective services. A couple in another state is in a child custody battle with social services after allegations of neglect.

The children were taken into the custody of child protective services after the parents apparently allowed their two children to walk home from a park unattended. According to reports, the children were dropped off at the park in the afternoon and they were instructed to arrive home in two hours. However, after the parents did not see the children hours later, they discovered that officers dropped the children off at a local crisis center. 

Apparently, authorities received a call about children being unattended at the park. Due to guidelines, the officers were required to notify child protective services of possible neglect, especially due to the seriousness of the matter. This is the second time the parents were the subject of child neglect allegations, and earlier this year, they were investigated for permitting their children to walk home alone from a park which was near the home.

This case is undoubtedly a troubling experience for both of the parents. As with most parents, they would like their children to be returned to them. When a child is in child protective custody, parents may have to meet certain requirements such as parenting classes before they can regain child custody. Alaska parents facing these difficult issues may benefit from seeking the support and guidance of legal counsel to address any family law issues.

Source: CNN, "Maryland 'free-range' parents under fire again", Kelly Wallace, April. 13, 2015

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