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Are shared child custody arrangements the best?

Divorce and child custody cases can be emotional events for parents and their children. Divorce can often cause parents to be bitter toward each other, which leads many Alaska parents to battle with each other in regard to child custody arrangements. Many parents are under the assumption that they are the better parent with whom the children should live. Recent research indicates that children thrive more when they are able to spend time with both parents.

Most people are led to believe that children are more stressed out when they continuously move around to different houses. However, a new study indicates that children are better off when they can divide their time with both parents. To confirm the study, experts analyzed national data of children between the age range of 12 years old and 15 years old. Experts looked into health issues on the physical and psychological level.

It was found that 19 percent of children lived with both parents while 13 percent lived in a one-parent household. Children who lived with both parents benefit by being able to increase their time with other family members and increase the amount of friends. Children who divided time with both parents had fewer issues than those who lived with just one parent.

For the children's well-being, they are better off when they are able to live with both parents. Parents may want to put their differences aside for the best interest of the children. An experienced family law attorney in Alaska can help parents to develop shared child custody arrangements.

Source: time.com, "Divorced Parents and Child Custody: Less Child Stress in Joint Custody", Mandy Oaklander, April 27, 2015

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