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Will a woman gain $1 million a month in child support?

There are many support orders issued when custody has not been resolved. The amount of child support that needs to be paid in Alaska depends upon certain factors, including income. In one case, a woman is asking for $1 million per month in child support.

The woman was formerly married to a hedge fund billionaire, and she was also formally the hedge fund manager. The couple separated back in 2012 and filed divorce documents as of last year. She claims that the cost of caring for their three children amounts to $1 million per month. The breakdown of these costs includes $7,200 for eating out, $60,000 for office space, nearly $7,000 for groceries and other expenses. The woman said that she quit working so that she could raise their children.

The reason for such a high amount is because she wishes for her children to remain pampered just like when she was still married to their father. Currently, the parents are still battling over who will gain custody of their children. She is requesting full custody while he wants joint custody.

There is no question that child support payments are counted on to help take care of necessities for the children. When a parent is asking for an exorbitant amount for child support, the courts tend to review the case to make sure the amount is actually needed. Alaska parents who are faced with similar situations may want to explore their legal options with an experienced attorney. An experienced attorney will go over all of their options and answer any questions they have.

Source: yahoo.com, "$1 Million a Month in Child Support? Inside a Billionaire's Nasty Divorce Battle", Jennifer O'Neill, Feb. 24, 2015

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