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Unique method of handling spousal support

Divorce can be stressful for most spouses, especially when asset division, child custody and spousal support come into play. A primary reason why Alaska spouses fight over spousal support and other material issues comes down to money. Of course, these issues are challenging, but there are ways spouses can deal with their issues like air-traffic controllers.

Spouses get divorced for different reasons, and regardless of those reasons, both spouses have agreed that the marriage is in disrepair. As far as operating as an air-traffic controller, the point is to decrease the chance of bumping heads during the process. This is done by utilizing the PEACE acronym with each letter representing a certain topic until material issues are settled. Spouses would first start with creating a parenting plan, and when that goal has been reached, they would then move on to equitable distribution.

Once spouses have agreed on how the marital assets are divided, then they would move on to alimony and child support. Before landing at the final destination, spouses would want to make sure that they have revisited everything and visualize the runway as they are doing so. Lastly, spouses would visualize the landing strip, which is obtaining their final decree.

Any Alaska resident who is going through a divorce could substantially benefit from being completely prepared. Failure to do so could result in many long-term financial and emotional challenges that could have otherwise been avoided regarding spousal support. Residents who are confused about the divorce process may want to speak with an experienced family law attorney who will answer any questions they have.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Handling Your Divorce Like an Air-Traffic Controller", Diane L. Danois, March 15, 2015

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