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Man forced to pay $30,000 in child support

When judges order parents to pay child support, it is mandatory -- not an option. Many Alaska parents have failed to pay their child support, which may leave the custodial parents working longer hours or depending on financial assistance. However, what if the other parent is not actually the child's father?

One man is being forced to pay $30,000 in delinquent child support for a child who is not his. The case stems back to the 1980s when his ex-girlfriend labeled him as the father to obtain assistance for the child. The man informed the judge of this and even offered a 2013 DNA test that proves he is not the father. However, the judge was not moved; he said that the man had taken too long to dispute the case and had not taken the case seriously.

The child's mother also backed the man up and said that he is not the father, but the judge said that he is still required to pay. In his defense, the man said that he was in prison when the process server had arrived at his father's residence, and he was unaware that a child support case was against him. On the bright side, an arrest warrant that was issued for non-payment of child support was dismissed.

Even though the man is not the biological father, he may still have challenges ahead of him. In some areas, the state considers an individual to be the father once his name appears on government assistance forms or birth certificates. There are possible avenues of legal recourse for fathers in these child support situations, however, and an experienced family law attorney in Alaska can advise them of their legal rights.

Source: CBS Detroit, "Judge Orders Detroit Man To Pay $30K In Child Support -- Even Though He's Not The Father", Feb. 18, 2015

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