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Stevie J arrested for owing $1 million in child support

Stevie J is in the middle of a child support case and was recently arrested. Many Alaska fans may remember Stevie J from the role he played in a popular reality show, Love and Hip Hop. Apparently, he owes more than $1 million in back child support.

Reportedly, Stevie J was ordered to pay $8,500 a month in child support back 1999. He is accused of failing to meet his child support obligations since 2001. He allegedly failed a drug test after his arrest, which is said to have revealed that he was using marijuana and cocaine. Bail was set in the sum of $25,000 bail, and he must consent to mandatory drug testing as a condition of his release.

Afterward, he passed his regular drug tests for a period of seven consecutive weeks. However, he apparently violated his conditions when he ended up failing 10 of his drug tests. He was taken to a rehab facility where he must remain for 30 days. He is expected to appear in court in February for his arraignment on the child support indictment.

Willful failure to pay child support can land parents in jail. Child support payments are intended to contribute to necessities such as food and shelter and failure to pay not only takes away from the other parent, it also deprives the children. There are times when a noncustodial parent face financial hardships, and in those cases, the family courts require proof of a significant change in financial circumstances not attributable to the fault of the parent obligated to pay the support. Alaska parents -- both those who are entitled to child support payments and those who are required to pay -- may want to explore the legal options available to them when problems arise.

Source: michronicleonline.com, "Stevie J Indicted In Back Child Support Case.", Jillian Bowe, Jan. 15, 2015

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