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Are out-of-state parents required to pay child support?

When parents end relationships, one of the parents is typically designated as the primary caregiver. The parents who are the primary caregivers are usually entitled to receive child support payments. One question Alaska parents may have is if non-custodial parents are still required to pay child support if they reside in other states.

One woman has custody of two teenage boys, but the father lives in another state. According to reports, he owes more than $60,000 in child support and is unable to keep employment. She is wondering what actions she would be able to take and what legal rights she has. When non-custodial parents live in other states, the states must work closely to make sure custodial parents receive monies owed to them. An example of this is if the non-custodial parent secured employment, the state can have wages garnished from each paycheck.

The non-custodial parent's tax refunds can also be intercepted, and licenses could be suspended. Parents who fail to pay could also land in jail. Custodial parents could use free services through the Attorney General's office or obtain their own attorneys.

Parents who are not receiving child support payments have options available to them to collect. Parents have options to file documents in their local courts or the can contact their local child support collection agencies. Family courts often look into both parents' incomes, financial circumstances and other issues. An experienced family law attorney in Alaska can help parents navigate through the courts, increasing the chance of having a favorable outcome.

Source: houstonchronicle.com, "He's out of state, but he can still be forced to pay child support", Ronald Lipman, Jan. 1, 2015

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