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Couple fights against CPS for child custody

Child custody can be a struggle when parents are feuding with each other. Most Alaska residents know that the courts will put the best interest of the children first. In this case, parents are not fighting with each other for child custody -- rather, they are fighting with Child Protective Services.

When the couple realized that they had another child on the way, they decided to have a home birth based on their Christian beliefs. During the woman's pregnancy, she had never had an ultrasound, and she wanted to have a spiritual experience. While she was giving birth, the couple became aware that she was having twins when an outline of another baby was discovered. After the birth was reported, paramedics arrived at the home and insisted that the twins be taken to the hospital, but the couple declined.

Also, officers observed that the couple's 10-month-old had eczema in which the couple was using natural remedies to treat. The very next day, Social Services visited the home and requested that the couple use steroid creams on the child, but the couple declined, saying that it had negative side effects. Eventually, CPS removed all three of their children from the home.

The couple is fighting the case and has obtained legal support. According to the petition, CPS tried to impose their standards of appropriate parenting, and there was no evidence of a present danger. Fighting for child custody can be tormenting for any Alaska parent, and having a professional with expertise in the family court system can help guide parents in the right direction.

Source: king5.com, "Couple fights for custody of children after home birth", Alison Morrow, Dec. 3, 2014

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