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Man faces jail time for refusing to pay child support

Most parents are aware of the reason for child support. It is intended to ensure that both of a child's parents contribute to the child financially. Unfortunately, a number of Alaska parents fail to make their court-ordered child support payments for months and even years at a time. In one extreme case, an out-of-state man who failed to pay child support for nearly all of his child's life is facing serious consequences.

The man was ordered to pay $100 each month toward his daughter's care, but he only paid one time. Only a few months after the order was issued, the father was involved in a car accident in which he suffered injuries and was hospitalized. Even though he survived the car crash, he claims that the hospital's paperwork reported that he had died. The father openly admitted that he did not pay child support for years and claims that the paperwork error made him ineligible.

In addition to placing blame on the paperwork error, the man also insists that he is disabled as a result of the accident. However, the child's mother disagrees due to reports that indicate that the father has been posting photos across social media and creating music videos. She believes that if he is able to create music videos that he is also able to make child support payments. The man currently faces charges for five separate felonies related to the unpaid child support, which could result in him spending seven years behind bars if convicted.

While some parents make excuses for not paying court-ordered child support, some simply refuse to pay. Custodial parents who are not receiving their monthly payments, regardless of the reason, may choose to contact their local child support enforcement agency in an attempt to collect. If non-custodial parents still refuse to pay, custodial parents also have the option to pursue legal actions in Alaska family courts.

Source: kfor.com, "Man who claimed he couldn't pay child support because he "died" claims he is permanently disabled", Nov. 24, 2014

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