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Judge orders rapper Future's wages garnished for child support

Many fans may be aware of the engagement between hip-hop artist, Future and recording artist, Ciara. In spite of the engagement, a number of Alaska residents are aware that Future has not been staying on top of his child support obligations. Recently, a judge issued an order for Future to have his wages garnished for one of his children.

The mother of Future's 10-year-old child filed for child support modification, and she is adamant that he is paying a substantial amount less than what he's earning. Some time ago, Future and his child's mother entered into an agreement that $1,662 a month would be paid based on his monthly income of $16,515. The child's mother believes that he was dishonest about his income and is actually earning $50,000 per month. She is requesting a child support increase.

Future claims that he was honest about his income and further stated that he never received an increase in his monthly income last year. Future and his child’s mother were able to come to a new agreement in which he will pay $2,800 per month, and it will be automatically garnished from his earnings. Future will also be obligated to pay another $3,952 in back child support payments.

It’s important for parents to be honest when disclosing their income when it comes to calculating child support payments. These payments help offset the financial responsibility for housing, food and clothing for their children. Alaska parents who are finding it difficult or impossible to receive child support may file with the family court system or contact their local child support enforcement agency.

Source: designntrend.com, "Rapper Future's Checks Are Garnished For Back Child Support Payments", Ej Flemmon, Aug. 5, 2014

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