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How children suffer when child support is not paid

Understandably, the parent who is awarded custody is typically the recipient of child support payments. Many Alaska custodial parents find it to be an extreme struggle when court-ordered child support is not received. This can make it difficult to purchase necessary items such as school supplies and clothing.

An example of this is a brother and sister who are getting prepared for school this year, but they do not have clothes that fit or any school supplies. Apparently, the non-custodial parent is not paying court-ordered child support. Since the parent with whom the children reside was granted custody, the children have been registered into daycare so that the parent can work. The parent is also responsible for other expenses such as rent, a car payment and student loan expenses.

Unfortunately, a number of non-custodial parents may feel that they have been cheated, especially if it was the custodial parent who caused the marriage to end. Furthermore, some non-custodial parents tend to punish the custodial parent at the expense of hurting the children. While many non-custodial parents may view paying child support as a punishment, it’s actually about the obligation to provide necessities for properly raising one's children.

Ultimately, the children are the ones to suffer when non-custodial parents do not pay child support. Often, custodial parents are in one-income households and are left with the sole responsibility for all financial obligations. Without child support, children may be left struggling to have clothes on their backs or to eat healthy meals. Alaska parents who are not receiving court-ordered payments may be able to contact their local child support enforcement agencies.

Source: cincinnati.com, "Column: Children pay price of non-support", , Aug. 13, 2014

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