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Strahan deals with division of marital assets and infidelity

Divorce is sometimes seen as a negative occurrence. However, Michael Strahan is now crediting his divorce with building character, which helps to benefit his current relationship with his fiancee. People in Alaska may recognize Strahan as a former NFL player as well as host of the television show "Live with Kelly and Michael." Strahan has recently opened up to the public about his personal life, including his divorce, which included arguments over division of marital assets, spousal support and even allegations of infidelity.

The divorce, which happened eight years ago, turned out to be especially contentious. Strahan's now-former-wife Jean Muggli ended up accusing Strahan of cheating and even abusive behavior. She also accused Strahan of ignoring the couple's twin daughters. Strahan denied her accusations and countered by accusing Muggli of having a serious spending habit.

However, after the experience with his divorce, Strahan claims that he has learned a significant amount about relationships. Although the divorce was incredibly difficult, he says that it has helped him to create a stronger relationship with his current fiancee, Nicole Murphy, who is the former wife of Eddie Murphy. Nicole is currently a star on the VH1 show “Hollywood Exes.”

It may be beneficial for people in Alaska to hear about Strahan’s divorce experience and to realize that there is life after divorce. However, during a divorce, one will have to be ready to negotiate various legal aspects, such as spousal support, child support, division of marital assets and a variety of other issues. Once these issues have been decided and the divorce is finalized, the former spouses can move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Michael Strahan Opens Up About His Personal Life And Messy Divorce", , July 8, 2014

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