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Sherri Shepherd wins child custody case of her son

Sherri Shepherd may be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Most Alaska residents are aware that the talk show host has been entangled in legal battles. One of her battles was a child custody case with her ex-husband in regard to their 9-year-old son. Recently, she was awarded child custody in spite of the allegations against her.

Back in April, the ex-husband filed for custody of the child and claimed that Shepherd was making bad parenting decisions. He also claimed that she was refusing to provide for their son’s basic needs, especially due to her busy work schedule. Furthermore, he claimed that her work never stops and that it’s seven days a week. The judge in this case did not side with the ex-husband and added that there were no material changes in her circumstances that would be sufficient enough to grant him custody.

This is a temporary victory for Shepherd, since she is also entangled in a separate child custody case with her estranged husband over an unborn child who is being carried by a surrogate. At this time, many fans are pouring out prayers to her in regard to her legal cases. She has asked the public to judge her based on her character and not on what has been said about her.

A child custody battle is emotionally intense for most Alaska parents. Oftentimes, parents are still bitter with each other and fail to consider what’s in the best interest of the child. When parents cannot agree, the family court system typically resolves these types of matters in a fair manner.

Source: eonline.com, "Sherri Shepherd Maintains Physical Custody of 9-Year-Old Son, Tweets Keep the Prayers Coming", Lily Harrison, July 22, 2014

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