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More income can mean more child support for Alaska parents

Ludacris has appeared in the Fast and Furious movies, and he is known to many in Alaska as a popular hip-hop artist and actor. Since his co-star of Fast and Furious 7 had an untimely death, the movie production was stalled. In addition, his new album release has been pushed back. However, that did not stop the mother of his child from filing for an increase in child support payments.

According to reports, Ludacris was separated from his previous girlfriend. During that time, he entered into another relationship, which led to the birth of his newborn child. However, in spite of the entertainer's popularity, he claims that he hasn't been doing so well financially, especially since his recent singles did not sell as much.

In addition, the production halt of Fast and Furious has cost him over $25,000 per month in earnings. Ludacris filed a claim to decrease his child support obligation and presented documents that determined that he was able to afford $1,800 per month. Afterward, however, the court ordered Ludacris to pay $7,000 a month in child support payments.

Child support payments are vital in providing basic necessities for children. Child support is usually determined based on the parent's financial stability. Both parents have the option to file a motion in the court, or they can decide to sit down with a family mediator who will assist the parents with reaching an agreement. If parties still cannot agree and litigation is the only option, the civil court system in Alaska handles these types of disputes based upon the income of both parties.

Source: uptownmagazine.com, "Judge Orders $35K in Ludacris Child Support Battle", M L Ward, April 14, 2014

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