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Being a sex addict in Alaska can affect child custody

Child custody matters can sometimes be overwhelming. Alaska courts tend to look into what's in the best interest of the children in determining which parent will get custody. However, there are certain issues that may affect child custody, including being a sex addict.

In some instances, sex addicts may pose a danger to children, and this may depend on certain factors. Some of the factors include the sex addict's status in the recovery process and the age of the children. Another factor could be the sex addict's past history. One major red flag is if the addict has a history of watching child porn and/or making any type of inappropriate media of minors. Even more of a red flag is if there has been a history of child molestation.

A sex addict does not necessarily need to molest a minor to say inappropriate things or act in an inappropriate way whether they are conscious of it or not. Sex addicts who are not treated may also be a risk to teenagers. It's recommended that sex addicts have supervised visitation with their children for a certain period of time.

Being a sex addict can have an effect on child custody due to the dangerous risk it poses on children. It is recommended that Alaska sex addicts who are aware of their problem seek help from a sex addiction therapist. Sex addicts who are in recovery pose a lower risk of being a danger to children, especially if they have no history of engaging in inappropriate acts. Seeking the help needed may increase the chances of a recovering or former sex addict having an ongoing relationship with his or her children.

Source: psychcentral.com, Are Sex Addicts a Danger to Children? What to Look For, Linda Hatch, March 16, 2014

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