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Approach divorce with your child's senses in mind

Divorce is rarely easy on the children involved. For some parents in Alaska, breaking the news of an impending divorce to their children may have been the hardest part of the whole process. As divorced parents know, however, the challenges do not end there.

Children often experience a wide range of emotions upon finding out that their parents are getting a divorce. Some may be angry, others sad, and others may worry that they had something to do with it. As a parent, how can you ease the process for your children? According to some, the key is to understand their dominant senses.

For example, if your child is particularly auditory, take that into account when you are communicating with your ex in front of him or her. Your auditory child is likely to catch on when you speak sarcastically, and he or she may be particularly sensitive to you raising your voice. A good way to adjust to your auditory child is to step out of the room to talk to your ex or to wait for a time when your child is not around.

If your child is particularly visual, on the other hand, it may be especially important for you to act cordially with your ex when the two of you are together in front of your child. Even eye rolls or scowls will catch his or her attention.

Divorce is rarely easy on a child, but it is important as a parent to know that there are ways to make the process less difficult. Recognizing the things your child is particularly sensitive to can help you determine how best to adjust your behavior.

Source: The Kansas City Star, "Child Sense: Helping your child feel secure during divorce," Priscilla Dunstan, Feb. 3, 2014

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