Family Law Attorneys Who Will Focus on Your Best Interests

Amid the hurt feelings, heated disputes and sudden changes in your life, it's difficult to look past the here and now. In divorce and custody proceedings, the Law Offices of Dan Allan & Associates is alert to the legal and financial ramifications, and attuned to the best interests of you and your children in both the immediate aftermath and in the long run.

From simple, amicable divorces to complex disputes over asset division, child custody and financial support, our family law attorneys have handled every scenario. We represent women and men in the greater Anchorage area and statewide, including military personnel stationed in Alaska. Call 907-344-8851 for a free initial consultation.

Experienced Advocacy and Creative Solutions to Family Law Problems

We handle all facets of Alaska family law:

  • Divorce — Our goal is efficient and cost-effective resolutions that avoid litigation, but we are prepared to assert your position in court regarding property, children or finances.
  • Military Divorce — Our lawyers have represented personnel of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), as well as military spouses. We are familiar with the special challenges relating to military pay, benefits and deployment.
  • Legal Separation — If you are living apart but do not wish to divorce for legal, financial, religious or social reasons, we can protect your interests in this process.
  • Domestic Partnership Dissolution — Because common law and same-sex marriages are not recognized in Alaska, you will need representation to assert your rights in property division and custody matters.
  • Marital Property Division — Alaska is an equitable distribution state, but valuing assets and deciding how to split them can be a very complicated task. We determine what's joint property and offer creative ways to divvy it up.
  • Spousal Support — Financial support may be ordered by a court if there is a big disparity in earning power, or "alimony" can be negotiated as part of the property settlement.
  • Child Custody & Visitation — We begin with the best interests of the child, and focus on solutions that address our clients' concerns while fostering ongoing cooperation between parents. We also handle custody modifications when a child is at risk or the parenting schedule needs to be altered.
  • Child Support — There is a formula, but many factors can result in higher or lower levels of support. We represent either parent in determination, modification and enforcement of support obligations.

Our law firm has served Alaska for more than 35 years. The insights our lawyers have earned help clients get to the heart of matter and consider how a judge would rule in deciding whether to go to court or work out an agreement.

Call our Anchorage office for a free initial consultation at 907-344-8851 or contact us online. We are located in the Dimond Center and represent men and women throughout Alaska.