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How domestic violence affects your Alaska divorce

Divorce is often an emotional, scary event for those involved. Adding domestic violence makes it even more so. Where do you have the time and energy for initiating the complex divorce process when you fear for the safety of you and your children? How do you protect your family from post-divorce abuse?

3 common problems with a DIY divorce

If you are heading toward a divorce, you are probably stressing out about various factors, including legal fees, courtroom battles and emotional turmoil. Because of these fears, you might be looking into divorcing without an attorney. However, this process, known as DIY divorce, can cause a lot more problems if you are not careful. 

Stress factors that contribute to military divorces

Divorce rates among military families have often been the fodder of speculation. Though they fluctuate, according to, they have been on the decline in recent years. Every family is unique, and enlistment is certainly no guarantor of impending divorce, but there are unique stress factors facing military couples that you should take into account.

Facing divorce? Here are tips for telling the kids

There is a common belief in our culture that kids probably know when their parents are heading toward divorce. Often, couples have more and more arguments as a marriage breaks down. However, that does not necessarily mean that parents should not plan and do what they can to work together in telling the kids about their plans to divorce.

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